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Express BASIC
Alpha Version
Last Updated:
6:07 PM 3/31/2024

Express BASIC is a minimal BASIC dialect with an open source and cross platform intrerpreter written in C. The language is inspired by Dartmouth, Palo Alto, Altair, GW BASIC, and the many dialects of Tiny BASIC.

NOTICE: EB is currently broken and unstable. We have been working on a major update. This will take some time to release. In the meantime, things are not as they should be.

Download URLs:

Linux Edition - File Size: 76kB

Win32 Edition - File Size: 101kB

DPMI Edition (386 compatible) - File Size: 122kB

DOS Edition (8088 compatible) - File Size: 96kB

Support Forum:

System Requirements:

DOS / Windows 95 / Linux

Supported Operating Systems:

DOS, Win9X, Win2K, WinXP ,Win10, Win11, Linux

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