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Post by Brian »

After reading your forum topic on the VTech Precomputer 1000 I discovered that between 1988 and 1996 VTech released more than a dozen educational computers with a BASIC interpreter included. The core BASIC did not change between the first and last machine. The later models had a few extra BASIC commands for the LCD screen graphics and cartridge storage.

These VTech educational computers can be obtained at a reasonably price from eBay, thrift stores and yard sales. They are still today a good way to learn BASIC on a portable device. Two of the later models to keep an eye open for are the Precomputer Power Pad Plus and the Precomputer Prestige. Both of these models have a secondary battery supply which maintains your BASIC program stored in Random Access Memory when the devices are switched off.

In the software section of the forum could consideration be given to adding a category for VTech BASIC perhaps replacing one of the software categories that have not yet had any posts or topics. Programs written in VTech BASIC have the advantage that in the majority of cases they could easily be converted to Commando BASIC.
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The funny thing to me is it took me 10 years to justify buying one when I already have so many computers to collect and I am totally not disappointed.
I now want to obtain a Precomputer 2000 with the 2 line display and the Prestige with the 4 line display. The Powerpad Plus looks awesome too.

But then there's the I.T. Unlimited. That one looks amazing! Mouse, gui word processing, gui basic(similar to Atari ST BASIC), parallel printer port, and more. It looks a lot like a Famiclone Keyboard, but seems to be a totally different architecture.

I took your suggestion in my own way and implemented a Classic BASIC section. This will be a place for Vtech Pre BASIC and other similar languages.
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